Active Citizens Fund project

It's always good to see friendly faces, even if it's on a screen . Adina Romania and Adina Norway are both working on the Active Citizens Fund project from their respective countries


Recently, the Adina teams in Norway and Romania have met to discuss the "Pupil to Employees" project that is underway in Romania. Adina Foundation Romania has already worked on the project this year and gathered information about the target groups, conducted surveys and engaged participants. 405 participants have taken the survey and over 50 are already involved in the project. The target group is teenagers and young adult women who are exposed and marginalized from access to work.
The project looks at barriers in society that prevent this target group in the Craiova area from gaining access to work, how they can give them freedom of action,
find opportunities and stand up for their rights. The project is implemented by Adina Foundation Romania and is part of a two-year project with financial
support from Active Citizens Fund Romania and program funding from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA Grants 2014-2021.

While the work has been going on in Romania, the partnership with Norway has been physically limited, but fortunately digital tools are available. Visits between partners should have already started this year and are now postponed until 2022 due to the coronavirus. Through digital conference calls, Adina teams in Romania and Norway work to plan, set up and carry out training of participants in impact training. This will involve FAS employees first, and then they will take their training skills to teach the participants. Adina Norway will visit to help with this in 2022.

The Adina Foundation is not the only organization that helps Adina Romania in the Active Citizens Fund initiative - Kirkens Bymisjon Bergen is also involved in assisting with the initiatives V13 and Empo, and the First Lego League team Robomech works via digital conference calls with Adina Home and its Robomech team to prepare their robots for the First Lego League. All partners look forward to meeting again in 2022. 

The Adina Foundation's next meeting with Adina Romania is coming soon - we are working on joint tasks in the meantime and look forward to the next meeting!