The opening of Adina Home in Simnicu de Sus on June 9, 2022

Adina Home a gathering place for everyone.

The official opening of Adina Home in Simnicu de Sus on June 9 is an important event in the local community, and this milestone will be marked in a real Romanian way with Norwegian and foreign guests, folk dancing and Romanian food.

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adina home opening
adina home opening 

The house is owned and operated by Fundatia Adina Foundation (FAS)
Romania. The building has been gradually taken into use, but Covid-19-
the pandemic has delayed the solemn opening. Adina
During the break-in period, Home has become a popular meeting place for both children and adults. FAS covers an obvious need in
an area with a significant proportion of low-income families
and partly miserable living conditions.

In Adina Home do students do their homework after school in quiet
environment, and here students have access to both library and PC,
and there are always knowledgeable adults to consult. We have
plenty of examples of young people from simple circumstances creating themselves
solid careers thanks to good supporters in FAS.

Adina Foundation as is headquartered in Bergen / Norway, has
been active in the Craiova region of southwestern Romania for over 20 years,
and the goal has always been to get a separate activity house.
The dream came true when the Balder Foundation lined up and
financed the entire project. The house of approx. 370 square meters have
cost 4 million (NOK). The municipality has given us land.

There is coverage for to say that both the project and the house are unique.
The building is designed, decorated and adapted to today's needs and
possible future uses. In addition, FAS has one
large outdoor area suitable for various physical activities.
Norwegian expertise has contributed knowledge about the special ones
requirements for rooms where children and young people stay.

FAS runs in time until 31 January 2023 an EEA project
which will educate both young people and adults to become more active in
near-environment. We work closely with the Church Foundation
City Mission Bergen in part of the project. Thanks to own and
well-equipped premises we can conduct courses where the inhabitants
honors the rights and duties of a modern democracy.

Equally important and very popular are courses aimed at adults
women who get a basic introduction to the use of PCs and
Internet. The purpose is twofold, to build up one's self-image
women and make them better qualified as job seekers. The
is rooted in the foundation's social mission to contribute to that
low-income groups are improving their standard of living, and in Romania are
there is a shortage of skilled labor in many categories.