Good friends always support each other

Friends Alin and Gheorghe got to know each other when they volunteered at an Adina market. The friendship that was established at a young age in Craiova, has come in handy during his studies. They have put a heavy start behind them and are now studying IT and medicine.

- We would not have gotten to where we are today without the push and the support we received from the Adina Foundation, emphasizes Alin Ciuca and Gheorghe Madalin. The first studies medicine, the second IT. Both are confident that they will make good money when their study time is over. The friends have been part of our education programs, and have proven that it is smart to help people where they live.

CURIOUS. Gheorghe thrives on IT subjects and his goal is to become a skilled programmer. - I was a very curious boy who always wanted to know a lot. Fortunately, the teacher was a type who gave us much more than he was committed to, recalls Gheorghe who was encouraged to study mathematics.
But the family barely had the means and therefore he was connected with the people of Adina in Craiova. He made a deal and was helped to continue on his way to school. Young Madalin was frugal as a ballast from home and during this period managed to save enough for a guitar.

MUSIC IMPORTANT. - We all need something that nourishes our dreams. The guitar stimulated learning, and music has developed into a hobby. I was actually a very introverted person in my younger years, says a talkative Gheorghe.

Gheorghe comes from a village forty miles outside Craiova. On the weekends, he takes the train home to the boys' room where he trims his brain with a puzzle he received as a gift from his girlfriend. In his time, his family lived well with a father who worked at the locomotive factory in the big city. Then the factory was closed and things got complicated for the family. Therefore, there was little financial help to bring home in difficult adolescence, but he praises mother and father for always supporting his choice of path.

ORPHAN. His friend Alin Ciuca, has barely known his biological parents. Alin lived in an orphanage until he was three years old. There he was picked up by a married couple. They wanted to adopt Alin, but the Romanian paper mill worked slowly until the boy turned 16 years old. When everything seemed to work out, the husband died and the widow was not allowed to adopt the boy who had lived with her for 13 years.

Then followed conflict-filled adolescence with a "reserve mother" who was now in her mid-fifties. Alin broke up with her and was taken care of by the child welfare service until he turned 18. Via the child welfare service, he also came into contact with the Adina Foundation.

DEEP DOWN. The study path started crooked for Alin who is now studying medicine. - I was simply deep down. Mom said I was too stupid to study when I started in IT, and it worked poorly. I knew neither out nor in and wanted to take my own life, he says.

Adina and the child welfare service motivated Alin to study further - but now it became medicine. The system in Romania is such that if you run the study via the Internet, this is cheaper and thus financially possible for Alin. Now he is hanging over the medicine books for the third year.

THE SUPPORTERS. His friend Madalin helped him through the crises and with sorting out goals and the exams he had to go through. - And Adina's people had time to listen when I needed someone to talk to, Alin says. He has also restored contact with his mother (60) and step-sister (40) who have supported him in all crises.

In Romania, it has become a national challenge that young sharp-headed people seek lucrative pastures abroad. Madalin is aware that he will remain in the country, but perhaps with a short period out. Alin says it like this: - If I am to become a really good doctor, there are limited opportunities in Romania. Therefore, I will go out, but I will return.