Small school makes a big effort for Adina

Darbu school in Øvre Eiker also made a solid effort in 2018 for the Adina Foundation. The students have collected more than 18,100 kroner.

The impressive result for this is a fairly small school. The students' ingenuity is also diverse. Various activities have been arranged on the school grounds, and the students have taken control both inside and out. The events included slides from our projects so that the students gained more knowledge about who we help and how we use the money.

Adina can accomplish a lot for the great gift from Darbu school in both Romania and Uganda. It is always nice to come to the schools and preschools outside Craiova and to the center in Lira and tell about the Norwegian children who care. Many thanks to all the enthusiasts at Darbu from the Adina Foundation in Norway and from those you help in our two countries.