With support from the local community and AFU, Bogi managed to get back on his feet

Et society is important in more ways than one. Thet can receive you when you fall - and is there to help you get back on your feet. Adina Foundation Uganda (AFU) works with communities and has done so for over 10 years. The goal of grassroots work in North Uganda is not just to understand local needs.Da ultimate goal is good partnership. When local communities view AFU as a resource and one partner the can work with to solve local challenges, can big and very positivechanges happen.

It is important to have people around who will help you up again when you have fallen - this experienced Bogi in her village earlier this year and made her come to the LRC. (Bogi tv at LRC)

Towards Bogi. She is 13 years old and comes from Ayer in Kole County, not far from Lira where AFU is located.  IN last year fell Bogi –  and needed helpWounded she got in left leg became eventually infected and so severe that she could not walk  a 30 cm long piece white bone stuck out of the leg her, and it got worse. Osteomyelitis do this, and untreated it will lead to physical functionreductionparalysis and death. 

Bogi is an orphan, and although her seven siblings and others in their local community tried to help her as best they could, her condition worsened. Beans and local remedies did not slow down the negative development. Fortunately, AFU's network is in the area where she lives, and her closest was told to take Bogi to AFU's Lira Rehabilitation Center (LRC) immediately. Bogi was admitted and corrective surgery was arranged for her. After months of physiotherapy and training at LRC after the operation, Bogi is much better and can walk again. She also receives psychosocial therapy and enjoys the teaching and socializing with the other children at the center. 

Throughout her stay at LRC, Bogi's siblings and local community have followed her up. They have contributed greatly to her being able to get up again. When she can now soon leave the LRC, they are concerned that she must be allowed to take part in the vocational training AFU offers. Now Bogi, her flock and AFU are considering alternative courses she can take when the coronary restrictions have been lifted and the schools can start again - something Bogi, her team and AFU are very happy with. 

Bogi's life situation was greatly improved through AFU's intervention and the time she was given at LRC, but it was her local community and AFU's grassroots network that ensured that Bogi received treatment. Bogi fell, but she is up again and everyone is positive and excited about what her future will bring.