Community project

The Local Community project has been developed in close collaboration with local authorities in the municipalities of Unirea, Diosti and Farcas. We build on the experiences we have gained and in step with development and needs in the local community.

We know that many poor children end their schooling prematurely, which often leads to a life of continued poverty and unemployment. The offer includes homework help, play and sports, identity-building and creative activities, training in social skills, guidance for children and parents, excursions, etc.

One to two afternoons a week, 20 children meet at each of the three places where in the spring of 2009 we started Project Community. The children have in common that their social and economic situation prevents them from taking an education that can give them a stable, secure and good future. We get very positive feedback on Project Community from local authorities, the school and the parents. The children are looking forward to the activities, they have broadened their horizons and are taking more initiative. We are looking forward to the continuation.

The offer will be a supplement to what the public authorities can offer. Project Local Community is mainly funded by private individuals through our sponsorship scheme.