Heavy years of childhood do not slow down Corina-Maria's plans

Corina-Maria has had a tough upbringing, but her goal is clear. She wants to be a teacher and work with children. This autumn, she will go to Bucharest with a will to win and solid grades in her luggage.


- It's okay to get a job in Bucharest when you are a trained teacher. I can not imagine a profession where I sit in front of a computer all day, says Corina-Maria Vlad. She has been part of Adina's Education Program since March 2018.

In May, she received official recognition from Dolj County Municipality for her good results in school. Corina-Maria came in third place in the national competition in the subjects psychology and pedagogy. She has achieved very good grades at all school levels, and the goal is quite clear - to become a teacher in primary school.

She is a hardworking, ambitious and strong girl who wants to succeed in building a better future for herself. She likes to share her thoughts, and is very grateful that she met the Adina Foundation's team. - Adina taught me to think big. They said I had to believe in my own abilities, then I will manage. The conversations and advice from them were important to me, she says.
The next stop is the teacher education in Bucharest. The next stop is the teacher education in Bucharest.

Corina-Maria lives with her grandmother in Celaru, a village about 40 kilometers from the city of Craiova, where she finished high school in the summer of 2019. Her grandmother has taken care of her since she was a little girl, and has given her what the schoolgirl needed most, love and patience.

Her parents divorced after 13 years of marriage. The mother left the family and took Corina's younger brother with her. The father struggled hard after the fracture. He tried to be reunited with his wife, but she would not. His father started drinking and died of alcoholism. But Corina's mother did not return home either.

It was a hard time for a little girl, but luckily she still had her grandmother. In 2006, her grandmother became her legal guardian. The grandmother is now 80 years old and completely dependent on a wheelchair due to joint problems. She prays to God every day to live a little longer, because as she says - that Corina will not be completely alone in the world.

Corina has had a far from easy start in life, but the will to win is intact. She has had to learn to be strong and fight for the goals she has set. Corina needs both material and moral support to be able to continue her education.