Will not steal or beg to survive

Aurelia (pictured) and Roxana Mihai belong to the space people, but mother and daughter can never imagine begging or stealing to make ends meet. You can survive with honest work, say the two who know the bad reputation many of the space people have acquired both in and outside Romania

Mother Aurelia (42) and daughter Roxana (23) live on the outskirts of Craiova. The apartment consists of one room which is both living room and bedroom. The kitchen is partially outside in the backyard. They do not complain about living conditions, but are anxious about the future in case the homeowner decides to sell. - We have searched for 10 years for a municipal apartment, but have not received an answer, the mother says. The man left her when Roxana was nine years old so there is little help to be had from that edge.

- A new marriage is completely out of the question, it holds with a bad experience, the 42-year-old believes.

Roxana has been part of our programs for almost 10 years, and receives some financial help from the Fundatia Adina Foundation for schooling. The goal is to get into the university, but then she has to work even harder to improve her grades, she says. Once the education has been completed, she would like to work for a non-profit organization to be able to provide help in return as a thank you for the support she has received.

- I might have been able to get more money out of the Romanian system, but I do not think it is appropriate to take advantage of my illness, says Roxana.

She is struggling with an illness that makes her mother have to stay at home. Aurelia worked for 12 years at the train station in Craiova, but now she receives a modest help from the authorities to be her daughter's personal assistant. When Roxana is at school, her mother tries to get small jobs. They have no family abroad that can help them with money.

- I do not like people who go abroad to beg or steal to earn a living. Such people should have been imprisoned, says Aurelia.

Roxana has a younger and an older sister who are both married.

A Christian view of life is the foundation on which the 23-year-old builds her life, and it is important for her to go to church every Sunday. - It helps me to get through the difficult days, she says.