Adina is building her own activity house in Romania

The dream of a separate house in Romania will come true. The plot is secured, the drawings finished. The design process is now underway, and the material will be sent out for tender to three local contractors.

The financial foundation under this major investment is secured. The boards in Romania and Norway are pushing for as much of the construction work as possible to be completed before next winter. The host municipality Simnicu de Sus welcomes the Fundatia Adina Foundation (FAS). The municipality has given us free space and so far in the process has been very efficient in its case processing.

Whether it will be a wooden building, prefabricated building or a concrete / masonry house will be assessed on the basis of the prices we receive and the construction time for the various methods. The house is tailored to our purpose. Here, the employees in Craiova and the board in Norway have worked closely together to get the most out of the square meters.

The building is furnished in accordance with Norwegian requirements for access to rooms where children and young people stay. At the same time, we ensure our employees good jobs and opportunities for expansions. This is a utility building where there can be a lot of traffic of both children, young people and adults, and we are investing in solid qualities to keep maintenance costs down.

The building will be approx. 370 square meters and was designed by an architect in the regional capital Craiova. He has not paid for the work because he knows us and will support the work the Adina Foundation does for the disadvantaged in the villages outside the big city.

The plot is just under four acres, and has been attached for 50 years. This means that when the economy allows it, the unused area can be developed and used for organized outdoor activities. Adina Home is close to the middle school and a kindergarten. This is a great advantage in terms of transport options for those who will be involved in our activities.

When we start such a large project in Romania, it is because after more than 15 years in the country we have received enough confirmations that it is useful to help people where they live. Those who participate in our programs are motivated to complete schooling and take higher education.

We build people, and translated into practical action means running SFOs, Open Kindergarten and Home Start. The latter is aimed at disadvantaged families. A separate house will enable FAS to establish activities that appeal to young people who have become too old for SFO.

The house will also be an important meeting place for our adult volunteers. De ca. The 30 women who work for us need regular professional replenishment, and they need to be able to discuss experiences and experiences from working outside the families. FAS works in one of Europe's poorest districts, but parents show an enormous willingness to create a better future for their children. The interaction between FAS, the families, the children, the young people and local authorities is the very platform during our activities, and the results are measurable.