The Adina community taught Kiki to dream

Cristiana Dobre proves every day that hard work pays off for those who want to build a future in Romania. The 21-year-old is studying medicine in Craiova and she is a real Adina product.


MEET NORWEGIANS. Cristiana or Kiki as we all call her, laughs well when she tells about her first meeting with the Adina Foundation. She had never seen foreigners before she met Norwegians at our SFO in Goiesti. And it was thanks to our dance group that the young girl got outside the village and abroad for the first time. Here Kiki became very annoyed with herself because she did not understand a syllable when people around her spoke English. Therefore, she set out to learn the language and the energy bundle reached its goal quickly.

- The Adina community taught me to dream, but also to understand that if you work hard you can do everything. I also realized how important it is to care for others, says the student who was also part of our education program for a while.

CHANGED COURSE. Our teachers at the SFO soon discovered that Kiki was immensely good with her fingers, and the skills brushed her off on a school journey towards a future profession as a dental technician. - But I gradually realized that this was not the right education for me, sitting day after day doing more or less the same, Kiki says. Therefore, she embarked on the considerably heavier and longer study of medicine.

NOT POOR. Kiki is crystal clear that the family is the most important starting point for everyone, and having your roots in a safe and good family influences many of your decisions throughout life.

- I do not come from a poor family even as we have little money. I've learned that money is not everything. It is far more important that those around you believe in your abilities and support you. If you have a family to build on, you can achieve a lot, says Kiki and smiles at his mother.

ADINA METHODS. Ana is rightly proud of her daughter. Ana now works as a volunteer for the Adina Foundation in Craiova because she has seen that the Adina method has given results for both of her twin daughters. Ana calls it paying back. She has seen the effect of our New Start program over the past year, and will continue as a volunteer.

SOFTER MOTHER. - Mother has changed quite a lot since she started working for Adina. Mother has become a little softer at the edges, Kiki comments with a smile at the same time as she emphasizes that it is very nice to be able to go home to the village and the family every Friday.

POSSIBILITIES. Romania is struggling with high unemployment and many greedy heads are leaving the country to earn a living. Kiki's analysis of the possibilities is simple: - In this country, there are small prospects for a job if you do not know anything, but people who have an education and who want something, can create big changes in our country as well, the 21-year-old believes.