Finally, we shut up the doors in the Adina Home

Children and young people flock to Adina Home in Simnicu de Sus. This they have been waiting for for months. Now the district is classified as yellow on the corona scale and then we opened the doors.

TRAVELT. The months of closed houses have been busy and well used. The staff of Fundatia Adina Stiftelsen (FAS) has been in place in the offices, decorated and furnished, but football games and table tennis tables had to stand there unused month after month and no curious children's eyes hunted for exciting reading experiences on the library shelves.

THE MOST IMPORTANT. Finally, the most important users can occupy the house they have had to look at from a distance behind fences and closed gates. Expectant girls and boys pose with stars in their eyes. There are few leisure activities elsewhere in this area. It has been a long month for the children, with and without schooling in the autumn of 2020.


SOCIAL LEARNING. Daniela and Laura, Valentin and Andrei and Razvan all the others know about Adina's activities and what they can expect in common with our employees. The table tennis table slams and there is jubilation around the football game every single afternoon. Many of the children have been part of our after-school program for many years in Goiesti. Now the "veterans" are joined by peers from Simnicu de Sus. Interaction, new acquaintances and social learning become bonuses in all age groups.

UNIQUE OFFER. The hours the children spend in Adina Home are useful and welcome moments since there is no similar program in the public sector in this area. Several of the children live within a reasonable walking distance from the center, while others have to spend the afternoons at Adina Home so that there is a local bus and other transport to the villages. The attendance lists over the years say that many of them do not miss a single hour, regardless of weather and season. And our employees cannot wish for a better certificate.

OUR MOTTO. Properly organized social activities and after-school homework help from qualified staff are important elements in all of Adina's action plans and in line with our motto; - We build people. Over the years, there are plenty of examples of skills and interests unleashed in our environment that have influenced career choices later in life.

BUILDING ROBOTS. Data is popular and there are rarely any free spaces in front of the PCs that are located in the quiet room, in the library. In our own house we can also run RoboMech Adina Club much easier. Here, the children's abilities for interaction are developed, and everyone is challenged on practical skills when small robots full of parts are to be built together and programmed to perform the most fantastic tasks. Nice to know that the Adina gang is doing well in national competitions around Romania.

INSPIRES. It is conceivable that the activities related to RoboMech Adina Club mean that some of our girls or boys later choose to focus on the ICT subject. The best among programmers and web designers are among the best paid employees in today's Romania.

COMPREHENSIVE. Our staff in Simnicu de Sus will also run an open kindergarten in six different places in the district where a total of 60 children participate. All in all, in all age groups, around 220 children participate in our various activities. In addition, staff and volunteers follow up 10 families through Home Start.