Full speed ahead on the construction site for Adina Home

Spring has really taken hold in Simnicu de Sus, and the construction workers are back after the "winter break". Now there is full speed ahead for Adina Home so that the building is completed at the agreed time.


The soil on the construction site dried up the first week of March. Heavy rain showers and heavy snowfall led to a lot of soil running down on the lower concrete sole. The people had to bring out the shovels and clean up by hand. The iron binders have trampled together the constructions that will be in the foundation wall itself, and thus it is ready for the next round of casting. The municipality has erected new poles and brought the necessary electricity to the actual construction period.

The building committee, which consists of both Norwegian and Romanian board members, has worked its way through a long checklist to avoid, as far as possible, something being forgotten and coming as a surprise at the end of the construction period. In addition, the general manager of Craiova Luminita Dinca and board member Robert Iriza will monitor the progress of the project.

The contractor Rescomt assures us that he is on schedule, and he will eventually put on more people. The company is headquartered in Simnicu de Sus, and there is a good deal of prestige in delivering a great building on time. The paradox is that in Romania there is a severe shortage of professionals. The contractor still dares to say that the building will be ready for takeover at the end of August / beginning of September. This is ideal for us related to starting school.

The staff of Fundatia Adina The foundation in Craiova is looking forward to moving out of the center and closer to the villages where we have children and young people who are part of our program. There are good bus connections between the city and Simnicu de Sus. The mayor and deputy mayor are looking forward to Adina Home coming into operation because they know all too well that there are no similar offers in this area.